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Do you offer samples?
Yes- sample tiles are free.  If you require the tile to be posted, you will be charged the postage cost only.

How can I pay?
Currently, we accept cash, cheques & BACS transfer.

Do you carry Stock?
Yes we keep certain ranges in stock with immediate availability. However, on all ranges that we don’t stock, lead times are around 3- 4 weeks into store for collection.

Do you have a Tile Brochure?
We have various brochures from some of our Italian & Spanish suppliers in store- most of our ranges are detailed on our website.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
On small orders we can despatch & deliver the same day. Large orders will either be an overnight/next day service or an economy/3 day service.

Do I have to sign for my order?
Yes, all orders from RNG Ceramics Ltd (no matter the value) must be signed for upon receipt. Please check all items before you sign for the order. You can’t claim for damages if you haven’t indicated the damage when signing for the order.

Can I get my order delivered to a different address?
Note: All items in the same order must be sent to the same address.

What happens if I’m out when my order arrives?
Your order will not be left without a signature. If the delivery attempt fails, The goods will be returned to our warehouse. In these circumstances a repeat delivery fee is payable.
Note: If you know that you will be out, you can leave a signed note that designates you want your order left with a specified neighbour.

Can a wet room be installed using plywood?
No. While some types of plywood may be suitable for use in wet environments, they are NOT suitable for tiling. When a plywood surface gets damp, or is installed in a damp environment, it will expand or buckle. Tiles can’t shrink, expand, or buckle; if tiles are laid on top of plywood they will then crack or shear away from the adhesive bed causing unnecessary hassle. Tile Backer and Insulation Boards are the perfect solution for a wet room installation as they are waterproof and provide the optimal background for the fixing of tiles.

Can I use large tiles to cover the Orbry Shower Tray?
Yes. However, you will need to ensure that you mitre the tiles allowing them to form to the fall lines of the shower tray.
Note: Mitring the tiles can result in unsightly small cuts. It’s suggested that you make a scale drawing to check how the mitres will look.

Is there a minimum tile size for covering an Orbry Shower Tray?
Yes. The Orbry Shower Trays are only suitable for tiles that have a minimum size of 25 x 25mm.
Note: When using small tiles, ensure that the tiles are not subject to excessive point loads (i.e. sitting on a stool in the shower). Small tiles, such as 25 x 25mm tiles, are able to withstand bare foot traffic or ordinary footwear.

What thickness tile backer boards should be used on the floor?
If overlaying timber, it’s suggested to use a 10mm or thicker tile backer and insulation board. If overlaying screed, any thickness will be sufficient; however, it’s important to remember that the thicker the sheet the better the insulation value.

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